What are my rights if I am a victim of the crime? You have the right to be treated with courtesy, compassion, cultural understanding and respect from all government organisations.

You as the victim have the right to access to:

1)     counselling

2)      information from police

3)     compensation only  in some cases

4)      privacy in most cases

5)     feel safe and secure

What are my rights as the alleged Criminal?

As a criminal defendant, you are innocent until proven guilty. The prosecutor’s job is to provide legitimate evidence as to why you are guilty. The defendant does not have to do anything or say anything to prove that he or she is innocent. Law enforcements require search warrants regarding search or arrest before allowing access to particular locations, equipment and access to documents or information. However, there are some circumstances where police do not need a warrant to search and/or arrest you.

Some of your main rights as an Accused:

·         innocent until proven guilty,

·         access to legal representative, to act upon your behalf

·         access to legal aid (if you qualify)

What should I do if I have been arrested? If you are arrested, you are expected to answer all questions regarding your identity including name, address, date of birth and etc. However, you have the right to abstain from answering some questions that are irrelevant to your identity (you have a right to remain silent).

Lying is not tolerated. 

It  is best to be respectful to those who have arrested you, also for the sake of good impression.

What should I do if I receive a call that a family or friend has been arrested? If you receive a call stating that your family or friend has been arrested, gather as much information as possible and write them down. Consider the following questions:

1)     What crime has he or she been charged with?

2)     What law enforcement organisation made the arrest?

3)     Where is the arrested person being held?

4)     Has bail been set and, if so, what is the amount?

Why should I hire City First Solicitors as my criminal defence attorney? Engaging us as your criminal defence attorney, will definitely add to your advantage. Our Principal has served the ACT and NSW public in the Criminal courts for over 15 years.

 It is a legally binding right for you to have an attorney to represent a criminal defendant. Lawyers are professionals, they will apply their knowledge and expertise to the benefit of your case. No matter what your legal situation is, we, as your criminal attorney will always act in your best interests and safeguard your rights.  If you are guilty we will strive to obtain the minimum possible sentence on you.

We do undertake legal aid work.

We do a limited amount of pro bono work.

Can I Appeal without legal representation?

Majority of the judges may not even consider an appeal from the defendant without legal representation. Your appeal is based on a legal argument, hence it is prudent to instruct a lawyer to lodge the appeal.