We deal with many aspects of Corporate law. We can advise about:

  • corporations and statutory authorities and the applicable financial regulations,
  • corporations and establishment of government-owned companies,
  • government business enterprises,
  • joint ventures and alliances,
  • privatisations and organisational restructures, and
  • public and private partnerships in corporate governance

We provide legal assistance with (and not confined to) the following:

  • Business and Recovery Services

Voluntary administration - voluntary administrations are available to companies which are, or become, insolvent. They provide a company and its directors - in conjunction with an independent corporate recovery expert - with a flexible tool which can facilitate an orderly reconstruction of a business which may be basically sound, but is currently facing financial difficulty.

  • Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy: If you are bankrupt it means you are no longer able to secure any more money from the bank. This also means that you are in debt and unable to repay monies owed for the money lent. With the Australian law, you are protected if bankrupt. If you are unable to reach an agreement with your creditor, then you should consider bankruptcy. This can occur in two ways.1.      Voluntarily2.      Forced by creditor to declare your bankruptcy through the court. There is no limit for the amount of money needed to be in bankruptcy. A bankruptcy usually lasts around three years in most cases. In cases of bankruptcy, you will be appointed a trustee to help manage your funds. The trustee will: 1)     sell your assets2)     direct assistance to your income3)     investigate your financial dealings
  • Setting up a company and business operations

Companies must follow guidelines set out int he ASIC Watchdog's Guide. The director of a company may be exposed to many legal liabilities, so must be fully up to date on what the company is doing. Companies must keep up-to-date financial records and have information about the company's financial position and performance

  • Government and private sector agreements

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