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Arrests for drink driving

An arrest for DUI (Driving Under the Influence) depends entirely on the judgement of the arresting officer. Suspicion of DUI is generally based upon the driver’s behaviour; swerving, drifting, tailgating, and erratic braking are common causes for DUI stops. If the officer suspects intoxication, he or she will administer a breath test. Refusal to cooperate with DUI tests can result in automatic revocation of the driver’s license.

Levels of alcohol concentration
level 1    less than 0.05g
level 2    0.05g or more but less than 0.08g
level 3    0.08g or more but less than 0.15g
level 4    0.15g or more

• How much will it cost?

Depending on the complexity and/or seriousness of the offence, the costs can vary considerably, although you may be eligible for legal aid (see below). Once we are aware of the actual proceedings involved we will be able to give you an estimate of the costs at each stage of the proceedings.

• Legal Aid

You may be entitled to apply for Legal Aid through the Legal Aid ACT Office. Eligibility of Legal Aid is based on an income and asset test. We often accept legal aid work for all criminal matters. If you are eligible for legal aid, this may mean you only pay for part of our fees, or in some instances you may be eligible for a full waiver.


• How long will it take?

The length of time it takes to resolve is dependent on how you proceed. If you decide to plead guilty, the matter can be resolved quite early. Others may take three months to twelve months, particularly if a full hearing is necessary.

• Can I apply for a restricted licence?

In the ACT, you are able to apply for a “restricted licence” which allows you to drive for a restricted purpose only, such as employment or health reasons. You will need to provide an affidavit setting out the grounds on which the order is sought.

You must prove to the Court that there are “exceptional circumstances” which apply to you in order to be granted a restricted licence. If you have a prior conviction of drink driving ever then you are not able to apply for a restricted licence.

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