Principles for making protection orders:

When deciding on an application for a protection order it is important to ensure that the aggrieved person is protected from domestic or personal violence.

For a workplace order there is a need to ensure that employees are protected from personal violence in the workplace.

Two types of protection orders are available, a domestic violence order and a personal protection order.

What constitutes domestic violence?

A person’s behaviour is domestic violence if it
(a) causes physical injury to a relevant person; or
(b) causes damage to the property of a relevant person; or
(c) is directed at a relevant person and is a domestic violence offence; or
(d) is a threat, made to a relevant person, to do with anything in relation to the relevant person or another relevant person that, if done, would fall under (a), (b), or (c); or
(e) is harassing or offensive towards the relevant person.

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